jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2016

6 september 2016 Program [Languages: spanish, english]

Today the team coordinating is in Canary Islands.
We received voice messages from:

  -Erna (albanian volunteer that passed august in the Tsepelovo -Refugee Centre) [english]
 -Mustapha "Jokker" , syrian, from Tsepelovo Refugee Camp [english]

 And we have calls from:

-Isi (voluteer that helped to make conection between Tsepelovo Refugees and volunteers) [spanish]
-Ammar, syrian from the Fipiliada Camp, helping the young people to learn englis in the camp. [english]

 The other people in the studio were: María, Rosa, Diego, Borja, josé Luis Rufino, Manolo, Rafa [spanish] 

We spoke about the situation in Katsikas Camp (near Ioannina) and about the things lived in august with the refugee friends.

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